What is Oncology Skin Care?

Oncology skin care is an advanced form of skin care designed specifically for those experiencing the effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

Who provides the treatment?

Cathleen Olson, has been a licensed Aesthetician since 1989 and associated with MMK Plastic Surgery since 1996. She is trained and certified in Oncology Skin Care and understands the side effects of cancer treatments and how to modify skin care applications, techniques and product selection in order to adapt for these side effects.

Happy and young cancer survivor after chemotherapy

How do cancer treatments effect the skin?

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and our first line of defense against sunlight, chemicals, microbes and the environment. It helps regulate body temperature, prevents water loss, and permits the sensations of touch, heat, and cold. Without our skin’s protection, we could not live. When this big, beautiful organ is damaged or wounded from cancer treatments, such as Radiation or Chemotherapy, it affects all of its functions.

When the skin doesn’t function properly, skin reactions may develop that vary in intensity for each individual and include:

Dry or extremely dry skin that may appear in patches or all over the body
Itchy skin
Color changes in skin tone
Radiation Rash

With the proper care, these skin reactions are usually temporary. Both reaction and healing time will be unique to each person.

Until recently, patients’ skin health suffered with little or no option for healing skin reactions while undergoing treatments. That is changing with more and more professionals receiving the advanced training to work with traumatized skin. The best time to begin this specialized skin care program is prior to any treatments.

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