Chemical Peels

What is a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peeling accelerates the skins natural exfoliation process by applying acids that produce a controlled injury to the skin. 

Superficial chemical peels induce a faster sloughing of the cells in the epidermis. The deeper and stronger the acids, the further chemicals penetrate into the epidermis, creating inflammation. 

The body’s automatic response is to initiate healing of the wound and inflammation, creating new collagen and fresh skin. Improved sun damage and wrinkle reduction are due primarily to collagen reproduction. The skin appears brighter, smoother, and the pigmentary irregularities are reduced after a few days when the epidermis heals.

At Edina Skin Care, we offer a variety of chemical peels formulated to produce various degrees of exfoliation, based on each patient’s individual needs. From gentle to the strongest, all of our peels have multiple ingredients and peeling agents that work together to achieve the desired effect.

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Chemical Peels have great benefits like:

Improving the skin’s color, clarity, tone and texture

Stimulating new collagen and healthy skin cell growth

Reducing discoloration caused by sun damage

Helping to clear up breakouts

Smoothing away the look of fine lines and wrinkles

Increasing hydration of the skin

Addressing visible skin imperfections

Skincare products are more effective

Types of Chemical Peels


  • Micropeel
  • Micropeel Plus
  • Teen Peel

Skin Medica

  • Illuminize Peel
  • Vitalize Peel
  • Rejuvenize Peel


  • Clear Skin Peel
  • Clear Skin Peel w/ Oxy
  • Intense Firming Peel
  • Transition Peel


  • Perfect Peel
  • Perfect Peel Plus

Glytone Professional Peel

  • Mandelic Acid
  • Pyruvic Acid
  • Glycolic Acid
  • TCA
  • Salicylic Acid


  • Pomegranate Peel

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